about us


THE SEEN, THE FELT, AND THE HEARD. Which of these senses grabs you? It is my job to ensure that beauty catches your eye, love captures your heart, and a love story is whispered softly in your ear.

Born in Wisconsin, I spent the majority of my life in Louisville, Kentucky. I've been blessed to experience different places in different seasons of my life including Alabama and Southern California. Although each place remains near and dear to my heart, I am ecstatic that we get to settle down now in the fabulous city of Saint Louis, Missouri (Botanical Gardens!? Forest Park!? Heck yeah people!!!). I live with two boys who have my heart - my husband who I enjoy dating, and an 8 month old who enjoys just about everything. In my spare time, I like to explore, run, drink coffee, and be with those two. 

I freaking love my job. When I shoot, I get to experience the joys of life with other people. And when I take your photos home with me to pour myself into throughout the week, I get to hear those smiles on repeat until they're as perfect as they sound. Whether I am capturing your wife's glow as she carries your first baby, your throat's lump as you button your daughter's dress on her wedding day, the dreams in your son's eyes as senior year comes to a close, the wonderful craziness that is life with six children, and all the moments in between, thank you for choosing me to be the lens through which you remember it all. There are so many super talented photographers out there - the fact that you are choosing me is truly the most tremendous honor!